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You may not own a sewage plant, but...

Tim Rowland

The most of us who don't farm or own sewage plants may think we have little to do with safeguarding the water in our creeks, rivers and bay, notes Tim Rowland. But, he cautions, let's reconsider that idea as we contemplate our lawns.

Recent Columns

The Chesapeake Bay Restoration: A Partnership No More

Roy A. Hoagland

The Chesapeake Bay restoration partnership, once celebrated as an example for the world, is now a partnership in name only, writes Roy Hoagland. Hoagland has worked on Chesapeake Bay issues more than 25 years, including several as a member and Chair of the Chesapeake Bay Executive Council's Citizens Advisory Committee. He writes from Virginia.

Pollution laws are only worth the effort to enforce them

Tom Horton

Laws are only as good as their enforcement, Tom Horton notes, and sadly environmental agencies have cut down on their inspectors. There may be a cure ? a citizen corps to be the eyes for inspection agencies, he suggests. Horton has written widely about the environment.

Take a moonlit paddle to cure nature deficit disorder

Cindy Ross

We will all need something to think about when we finally retreat to the rocking chair, and it better not be regretting the life we did not live, writes Cindy Ross. She suggests that adults are not immune from nature deficit disorder, and prescribes a night paddle. Ross writes from Pennsylvania.