Contributing Columnists

Tom Horton covered the Bay for 33 years for The Sun in Baltimore, and is author of six books about the Chesapeake. He is currently a freelance writer, splitting his time between Baltimore and Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Jack Greer writes about Chesapeake Bay science and policy for the University of Maryland Sea Grant College.This article is distributed by Bay Journal News Service.

Tim Zink is a regular contributor to the Bay Journal News Service. He lives in Washington, D.C.

Jim Minick teaches English at Radford University, writes a column for the Roanoke Times New River Current and is author of Finding a Clear Path, a book of essays.

Donald F. Boesch is President of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. He is also Chair, Science Board of the Louisiana Coastal Area Ecosystem Restoration Project and was from late 2005 to 2006 the Chair, Working Group for Post-Hurricane Planning for the Louisiana Coast.

Rick Van Noy is a lifelong outdoor person. The author of scholarly articles and a book on literary cartographers, he teaches literature and writing at Radford University, Radford, VA. He is working on a collection of literary nonfiction called Nature Knows Best: Essays on Getting Kids Outside.

Jan Eliassen is a long-time conservationist who served on the Planning Commission of Virginia Beach and often writes about public planning issues. He now lives in Chestertown, Md.

John W. Frece is a former reporter at The Sun in Baltimore, has been a spokesman, policy adviser and writer on Smart Growth issues for the past 10 years.

Scott Faber works on farm policy for Environmental Defense and lives in Washington.

Nat Gillespie is a fisheries scientist at Trout Unlimited. He earned a masters of science from the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment in 2004. He worked as an environmental consultant in Connecticut, a fisheries technician for the United States Geological Survey in Seattle, and Catskills Coordinator in New York. He learned to fish on the Potomac and in the Catskills from his father and grandfather. He now lives in Washington, D.C.

John R. Wennersten is the author of numerous books on the Chesapeake Bay and regional environments in the Mid-Atlantic. His most recent work is Chesapeake Bay: An Environmental Biography.

H. Bruce Franklin is the John Cotton Dana Professor of English and American Studies at Rutgers University-Newark. He has authored or edited eighteen books, including War Stars: The Superweapon and the American Imagination and Vietnam and Other American Fantasies. His articles and reviews have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, Science, The Nation, Discover, and many other publications.

Cindy Ross in Pennsylvania and unlike some of the kids today, has a hard time coming indoors. So much so, that she has written 6 books about it. Her latest is with McGraw-Hill entitled, Scraping Heaven- A Family's Journey Along the Continental Divide. Now she fears she has inflicted her children with the same addiction to fun in the outdoors that she suffers from.

Liza Field is a hiker, conservationist and tree-planter. She teaches English and philosophy in the Virginia Governor's School and Wytheville Community College.

Sharon Guynup released her first book last year, State of the Wild 2006: A Global Portrait of Wildlife, Wildlands, and Oceans. She writes on science and the environment for national magazines and websites.

Andrew Bystrom is a writer now living in Augusta, Georgia. This summer he and 11 others rowed and sailed a replica of John Smith's boat 1,500 miles around the Chesapeake and its major rivers, a project organized by Sultana Projects, a non-profit educational organization in Chestertown, Md.

Bill Matuszeski retired in 2001 after 10 years as Director of Environmental Protection Agency's Chesapeake Bay Program Office. He recently was Project Leader for the Chesapeake Bay Commission's biofuels study.

Sarah Minick teaches reading in Virginia. She's a knitter and basket maker and hikes and gardens with her husband and three dogs.

Sara Kaplaniak lives and writes in Pennsylvania, where she reduces, reuses and recycles along with her husband and two kids.

Brett Prettyman is an outdoors writer at the Salt Lake Tribune in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he lives.

Richard Whiteford has written more than 500 articles and a book, Wild Pennsylvania, and is a member of the Climate Project.

Robert Wieland is a resource economist working to expand the application of economic analysis in environmental decision-making. He wrote "Why People Catch Too Many Fish" (Center for Marine Conservation) and "Fish, Markets, and Fishermen" (Island Press).

Chris Bolgiano is the author of Living In The Appalachian Forest: True Tales of Sustainable Forestry, which won a Southern Environmental Law Center Writing Award, as well as four other books.

Dick Cooper spent 36 years as a newspaper reporter and editor, and in 1972 won the Pulitzer Prize for General Local Reporting. He lives and sails in St. Michaels, Maryland.

Katherine Unger is a staff writer for The Wildlife Society in Bethesda, Maryland.

Chris Bolgiano is the author or editor of five books, including Living in the Appalachian Forest: True Tales of Sustainable Forestry, which won the Southern Environmental Law Center's Reed Memorial Award. She recently installed a solar photovoltaic system that makes 90% of her household electricity.

Sierra Gladfelter is a Temple University freshman. She lives near the Appalachian Trail where she has hiked and paddled since birth.

David Jenkins is the government affairs director for Republicans for Environmental Protection. He serves as National Coordinator of the Environmental Stewardship Coalition for McCain-Palin 2008.

David Bancroft is an energy and environment advisor to the Obama/Biden campaign.

Carrie Madren writes about environmental issues, Chesapeake life and sustainable living. She lives in Olney, Maryland.

Jon Rutter writes for the Lancaster Sunday News when he's not out cycling the back roads of Lancaster County.

Bill Thompson is the author of magazine articles and books about Chesapeake Bay and a former writer for The Baltimore Sun.

Amy Marasco Newton is president of the Newton Marasco Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire responsible environmental stewardship. Distributed by Bay Journal News Service.

David O'Neill is President of the Friends of the John Smith Chesapeake Trail, a regional nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving the significant landscapes of the Chesapeake and advancing the goals of the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail.

Admiral James D. Watkins, U.S. Navy (Retired) is the co-chair of the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative.

Karen Hosler,a former editorial writer for the Baltimore Sun, is a reporter and commentator for 88.1 WYPR in Baltimore.

David Berry lives and writes from Havre de Grace, Maryland where he also teaches sailing and captains a charter boat. He has written two books, Maryland Skipjacks and Maryland Lower Susquehanna River Valley; Where the River Meets the Bay.

Howard Ernst, Ph.D., teaches at the United States Naval Academy. Portions of this article are adapted from his new book Fight for the Bay: Why A Dark Green Environmental Awakening is Needed to Save the Chesapeake Bay.

Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin writes from Baltimore where she is a Trustee of the interfaith environmental organization, the Chesapeake Covenant Community. Distributed by Bay Journal News Service.